Enterprise Digital Asset Management In 2016

Hassan Kotob, CEO of North Plains, has contributed a feature article for DAM News, What Does 2016 Hold For DAM?  The item is relatively short (compared to some of our feature pieces) but contains a number of well-argued points, for example:

Successful adoption of DAM requires consultancy and training, so the vendor community needs to take on more responsibility around the provision of true end-to-end services. Let’s not pretend that DAM is ‘fit and forget’; even if it is cloud-based, cultural adoption and integration with internal processes don’t happen overnight. With the growing shift towards companies having an ‘in house agency department in addition to using external agencies, there is a new set of potential DAM users with different use cases who also need to be addressed.” [Read More]

I am not sure I would entirely agree with everything Hasan says, but most of it is spot-on.  The few aspects where I might hold an alternative view are more about the semantic nature of what digital assets are, where he thinks the term is now less relevant than it was, I believe the opposite.

This is less a difference of opinion, however and more a question of what your focus is.  If the nature of your business is digital asset management software you may tend more towards his perspective, rather than mine.  Most people who have been in the DAM business for a few years or more appreciate that the subject is a bit more multi-dimensional than it first appears and you can see he understands well enough in this article.

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