The Semantic Web And The Problems It Will Try To Solve

Web design guru, David Siegel has written an article “What Is The Semantic Web” appearing on which gives a succinct description of what the fuss is all about if you’re still struggling to understand this emerging area. ¬†Instead of explaining each of the latest buzzwords, he characterises many of the problems the Semantic Web (and related technologies) are trying to solve:

The web as we’ve built it isn’t scaling very well, and even Google (which, it must be remembered, is in the advertising business, same as Facebook) can’t easily make sense of it all. We’re trying to make sense of something that is fundamentally broken and scaling badly. The semantic web is not the answer. Semantic technology will only help us when we know exactly what problem we’re trying to solve and what it will take to solve the entire problem, not just the data problem. That’s why I propose talking about the switch from pushing information to pulling it. Much of it involves making our information unambiguous, and that, I think is a better term than the semantic web. Let’s call it the unambiguous web.” [Read More]

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