Semantic Technologies “Becoming Mainstream”

In this article on the Semantic Web Company’s blog, Tassilo Pellegrini interviews Eric Franzon of Semantic Universe and organiser of the annual Semantic Technologies Conference.  One of the key points Eric notes is the gaining mainstream acceptance of the importance of the Semantic Web and associated technology:

Ours was the first conference devoted to the commercialization of Semantic Technologies, and at that first conference, there was a predominant academic presence. That’s not a bad thing – this, like so many technical industries, came out of academia. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see that by 2010, there is significant adoption by businesses and organizations. I actually feel comfortable saying that Semantic Technologies are becoming mainstream; certainly not ubiquitous, but widely adopted.” [Read More]

The Semantic Technology Conference runs from June 21-25 in San Francisco this year.

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