Leipzig Semantic Web Day: 5th May 2011

The Leipzig Semantic Web Day is being held (in Leipzig, Germany) on 5th May 2011:

The theme this year is “Linked Data  for the Masses”, particularly focusing on its use in enterprises. This event will not only give you the opportunity to discuss current  developments around semantic web technologies, but also to get in touch with companies from the German-speaking world. LSWT2011 will have two distinguished keynotes: Martin Hepp will sharehis vision and recent developments around the GoodRelations ecommerce vocabulary with us. The second keynoter Andreas Blumauer from Semantic Web Company in Vienna will explain us how Linked Data can facilitate clean energy.” [Read More]

There will also be a pre-conference session on 4th May with introductory sessions on the semantic web and the Good Relations ontology developed by Martin Hepp  featured on DAM News last year.

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