Index of Selected DAM News Posts From The Archives

I recently had a message from someone who found an article I had written for DAM News in 2013 via a Google search.  They told me it still offered them some insight into the state of the current DAM market despite being originally written a good few years ago.  Their point was that this material was difficult to find and they encountered it almost by random so we should consider providing links to some of this older material, as we do with our feature articles.

Given the comment referred to above (not to mention the subject matter of DAM News) it seemed like a good idea that we produce some kind of index of the longer news articles (or at least those with some comment included in them).  As such, readers may find the Selected News Posts area to be of some potential value.  I still have to weed out some less useful pieces, but it should be easier to find some of our older news/comment items now without resorting to a search engine.

The Selected News Posts area is here:  Links have also been added to the sidebar and resources area.

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