Improving DAM In 2017 And Beyond: Reminder For Contributions

Last month, I posted a request for contributions to an article series Improving DAM In 2017 And Beyond.  This is a reminder to anyone who has considered writing something that the deadline for submissions is just under three weeks away:

I invite those who have an interest in Digital Asset Management to write an article explaining how they would modify and enhance current product platforms, other associated services or possibly introduce industry-wide initiatives. I am willing to consider quite a diverse range of subjects covering metadata management, technical/systems-related issues, operations management, interoperability, education and DAM professional services (to name just a few).” [Read More]

There is a list of possible topics on the original post, but to make it clear, those are nothing more than suggestions, if you have another idea or angle that you want to cover, feel free.  The two rules are: no self-promotion and your article must be substantially constructive in nature, i.e. propose improvements not just be a lot of complaining about how bad vendors/consultants/analysts/users (delete as appropriate) are.

Based on some stuff I’ve read recently on various forums, I am also going to require that it doesn’t turn into a game of ‘buzzword bingo’.  As such, if you plan to ascend the outer reaches of the hyperbolic curve by making references to ‘disruptive technology’ and ‘agile business processes’ etc then you need to offer some tangible examples that describe precisely what you mean and what the practical implications are for DAM.  As ever, if anyone isn’t sure, please get in touch and I will offer an opinion on what you have in mind, including some suggestions for developing your piece, should you be interested in them.

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