DAM Weekly Round-Up – 19th November 2018

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Uncorking the Value of Metadata in 2019 And Beyond

My co-contributor Ralph Windsor has just published a response to Graham Allan’s recent article that announces the ‘end of metadata as we have known it’, and that ‘data’ is the ‘new mindset we must adopt’.  It’s an interesting look at two diametrically opposed perspectives of the role of metadata within a DAM environment, and one that will be discussed further at the upcoming London DAM Meetup Group later this month.

The 7 Circles of Metadata Hell: Or, Staffing & Governing Your DAM to Avoid Treacherous Fate

Lisa Grimm presents a preview of the presentation she delivered at last week’s Henry Stewart DAM conference in San Diego.  Lisa has some excellent tips for managing taxonomies and metadata based on her experience as a trained archaeologist and manager of Amazon’s taxonomy (who she works for).

Things to Consider When Choosing a Digital Asset Management System

Nate Holmes of Widen has recently posted an article outlining a number of pertinent questions and areas of focus to ask both yourself and prospective vendors when choosing a DAM system.  Although the article was originally penned back in 2011, it’s been updated to be more relevant to today’s environment and acts as a decent enough checklist for those embarking on the task of choosing and implementing a DAM solution for their business.

Another DAM Podcast interview with Anne Graham on Digital Asset Management

Henrik de Gyor of Another DAM Podcast has recently interviewed Anne Graham, Assistant Manager of Media Management at Turner Sports.  Like many of Henrik’s interviews, it provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a fast-paced DAM workflow in the real world.  Among the numerous steps in the sports broadcasting workflow, we’re introduced to ‘airchecks’, ‘melts’ and ‘clips’, the process of adding metadata to digital feeds that come in from their trucks, and the development of metadata and controlled vocabularies in partnership with stakeholders and users. As usual, Henrik also asks what the main challenges are, and what advice Anne would share with other DAM professionals.

Using Image Similarity Search in OpenAsset

Back in July, I covered Open Asset’s conclusion that Amazon’s Rekognition platform presented a number of challenges before it could be integrated into Open Asset.  A recent update from their Product Marketing Coordinator Alex Wetten announces the launch of their ‘Image Similarity’ feature, which is based on the same image recognition technology.  It offers a ‘completely new way of discovering images’, and can also be used to source images for batch processing and applying metadata to large volumes of images.

The Digital Asset Management RFP Conundrum

Media ‘Therapist’ Robin Parisse has recently posted an article on LinkedIn that examines the Request for Proposal model in the DAM industry, and essentially, how him and his colleagues consider it to be ‘broken’.  The article represents an in-depth look at the proposal process, and how the purchase of an information architecture platform that supports your whole business is a multi-year investment and warrants a well-considered, long-term plan based on as much conversation with users, vendors, developers and engineers as possible.  Robin’s advice is to shorten the written RFP and spend more time working with DAM experts and consultants, and looking under the hood.


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