DAM Weekly Round-Up – 10th December 2018

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

10 Things on the 10th December: Old New York, DAM, Metadata, LIFE

Tracey Wolfe of Mod Librarian has just posted a light-hearted listicle for the holiday season.  From the challenge of developing taxonomies in two week sprints and how attempts are being made to  weave empthy into AI, through to the amusing taxonomy of dealing with difficult people on projects and a fascinating article from Cambridge University on Eastern Mediterranean bookbinding, Tracey’s selection of articles from across the web forms a veritable cornucopia of meta miscellany.

Taxonomy Licensing

Heather Hedden, author of the Accidental Taxonomist book and blog has recently published an article concerning the licensing of taxonomies.  As a veteran in the field, Heather presents the why, when and how of licensing taxonomies, including the numerous issues you might face when taking on a taxonomy that wasn’t custom built for the job.  She also presents a number of sources where licensed taxonomies and controlled vocabularies can be found.  She concludes with a short multiple-choice survey, the results of which she intends to post in a future blog article.

Henry Stewart DAM San Diego 2018 Conference Review

DAM Guru member Lisa Grimm has contributed a review of the recent Henry Stewart DAM San Diego conference.  It’s clear that Lisa was impressed by the conference, and as a long-time proponent of the purer side of DAM, to wit, honouring its foundations of metadata and operations, she’s worth paying attention to.  Lisa was also one of this year’s metadata track speakers with her ‘The Seven Circles of Metadata Hell’ presentation.  She was also impressed by the tea!

Navigating the 7 Cs: How publishers can gain advantage from digital workflow tools

DAM vendor Woodwing and digital workflow partner Evolved Media have published an article off the back of a recent ‘roundtable’ event at the Professional Publishers Association in London at the end of November.  Primarily concerned with the digital transformation issues faced by smaller, independent publishers, the ‘Seven Cs’ are: Control, Capacity, Costs, Culture, Cloud, Competition, and Creativity.  The piece discusses the various challenges and potential solutions for traditional print-based operations that wish to adopt a digital workflow, and how DAM fits into such solutions.

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