DAM Projects Site Launched By DAM News

At DAM News we have recently been working on a dedicated site where those who need some Digital Asset Management expertise (including supplying software products) can post up their requirements.  I am pleased to say that DAM Projects is now live and open for anyone who wishes to post.  My employer, Daydream, have got the ball rolling with the first project and we hope others will follow suit in due course.

DAM Projects is aimed at those looking for commercial suppliers rather than full-time staff – although that definition may encompass individual freelancers, not just companies with multiple employees.  Some examples of suitable types of project might include:

  • DAM software implementations
  • DAM system requirements such as RFPs or RFIs
  • Metadata and asset cataloguing assignments
  • Supporting digital asset services like batch video transcoding
  • Ancillary requirements such as extensions to an existing DAM solution (requested by vendors or their clients)
  • DAM research or consulting assignments (including industry analysis)
  • DAM training and education programmes

The first edition of DAM Projects is relatively basic but we plan to extend it with more sophisticated features based on user feedback and the level of interest.  The service is free of charge (and we plan for it to remain that way for at least basic posts) but you are required to register for an account and all project descriptions must be approved before they are allowed to be published.  All new projects will be announced on our Twitter feed and those that appear noteworthy may be featured in the main DAM News site also.  To maximise the range of interest in their DAM related project, we also recommend prospective posters use services like DAMGuru.com as well.

We hope DAM Projects will compliment our existing range of other DAM-related sites, such as DAM Vendors, DAM Glossary and Open Source DAM and we look forward to hearing your feedback, suggestions and comments.

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