DAM News Round-Up – 9th May 2022

A selection of DAM and marketing technology related articles from around the web.

Taxonomy and taxonomists

In an attempt to both monitor the marketplace and demonstrate the wildly varying taxonomist job titles and role descriptions that are present on LinkedIn, SEO Analyst Alexander Rodrigues Silva has compiled a full list of vacancies.  Although some of the linked searches currently yield no results, Alexander was inspired to create the list after reading Heather Hedden‘s book ‘The Accidental Taxonomist’ in which she realises the extent of this same-job-different-name issue.

Welcome WordPress to the CI HUB family

Content integration solutions provider CI HUB have recently announced the availability of their WordPress connector, allowing publishers to access and display images, video and media from over 60 leading DAM, PIM, Stock provider and Cloud storage systems.  A full description, along with a freely downloadable PDF brochure, is available at the following URL: https://ci-hub.com/ci-hub-connector-for-wordpress/.

How We Make Our DAM and PIM Software

Digital Asset Management software provider Widen take us behind the scenes for a candid look at their approach to making software.  From the initial stage of listening to their stakeholders, customers and development teams, to the formation of ideas and the prioritization of problem statements, through to identifying solutions and setting goals, their process, they claim, is to be as transparent and user-centric as possible.  Widen even go so far as to invite customers to share their ideas and shape the future of its products by getting involved via their Trello Roadmap.

Choosing the right AI provider for auto-tagging images in Digital Asset Management

Conrad Henson, Product Marketing Manager for OpenText provides some basic insights into choosing an AI-based auto-tagging solution for your DAM system.  Conrad opens by highlighting the more common issues that are raised, including metadata that is too broad or generic, and regional differences in language and vocabulary.  It’s clear from his research that there’s still no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution, and that it’s crucial for businesses to compare results from a number of different AI providers.  OpenText’s approach is to “preserve customer choice when selecting an AI image analysis service“.  To this end, their Media Management DAM system offers out-of-the-box integration with image recognition services from Microsoft, Google and Amazon, and can be easily extended to work with any any AI provider.

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