DAM News Round-Up – 4th March 2024

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Introducing LicenSee™ by FADEL®

Rights and licensing management solutions provider FADEL have recently announced their LicenSeeTM system – a cloud platform designed to optimise royalty management and enhance licensing relationships.  LicenSeeTM provides out-of-the-box plug ‘n’ play royalty statement generation for popular licensors including Disney, Hasbro and Marvel, accurately calculating royalty payments, commissions and accruals for complex contracts and payment rules.

Is on-premise DAM dead?

As more and more organisations move away from traditional on-premise solutions to cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms, DAM vendor ResourceSpace asks the question whether an on-premise model is still a viable option in the context of today’s predominantly online software ecosystem.  A brief overview of what an on-premise solution comprises is provided, along with the various drawbacks associated with operating a custom-built DAM including ongoing maintenance costs, scalability and security issues, and having access to specialist technical support.  The issue of data sovereignty regulation is also covered, whereby organisations are legally bound to protect their data by preventing it from being stored or transferred outside of a specific country or region (e.g. the European Union).

DAM Proficiency Evaluations

This recent post from vendor analysis and shortlisting tool provider The DAM Playbook introduces the concept of DAM Proficiency Evaluations – a systematic approach to evaluating the effectiveness of any given DAM solution within an organisation.  The system aligns its analysis with the 10 Core DAM Characteristics accreditation, and is designed to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a DAM system’s capabilities, and assist in identifying areas for improvement, unused potential and to ensure that an organisation is achieving maximum value from its DAM operations, workflows and users.

AI Watermarking 101: Tools and Techniques

As the prevalence of AI-generated fakery and propaganda increases – especially in the run-up to the US elections – the potential for misinformation and reputational damage is also on the rise.  This article from online AI community Hugging Face explores the topic of AI watermarking.  Although the practice of watermarking has been around since the thirteenth century, modern techniques allow both visible and invisible watermarks and can often include additional embedded information pertaining to the content’s original source and provenance.  The article covers the various types of AI watermarking and detection technologies and the different methods of applying them to images, text and audio.  An engaging and detailed read.

Digital Asset Manager Job Description Example

Digital Asset Management software provider Pics.io presents a breakdown of the DAM Manager’s job description, skillset and role.  As the scope, volume and reach of digital media increases, the once librarian-type duties of a DAM manager has also expanded and now encompasses numerous additional disciplines that are essential to an organisation’s operations.  These new duties include data governance and brand stewardship, omni-channel digital marketing, user training, analytics and reporting, and a host of other tasks required to effectively manage and leverage an ever-growing suite of technologies and software tools.

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