DAM News Round-Up – 31st August 2021

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web.

Shutterstock integration for OpenText Media Management

Information and content services provider OpenText have recently announced a new integration with stock media library Shutterstock.  Via their API-driven Media Management DAM platform, users can access the Shutterstock library, license content, apply metadata, and set usage rights.  While it’s a welcome improvement to the creative workflow, integrations between software and stock libraries have been around for a while, although with the advent of AI-powered synthetic content, the days of stock libraries ruling the digital content roost may be numbered.

Going Beyond Video: The Evolution of Digital Asset Management

VP of Sales and Operations for Digital Asset Management vendor Wedia, Sebastien Bardoz takes a look at the evolution of a modern DAM system, from simple storage solution for visual assets, to a core component of an organisation’s marketing and customer experience technology stack.  Topics include the challenges of multichannel delivery and broadcast of digital media, moving to a cloud delivery model, user experience, and how today’s DAM needs to fulfil the needs of multiple departments such as marketing, ecommerce, social media and product management.

The ROI of Video Marketing: Why and how videos boost your business success

This recent article from DAM software provider Wedia explores the growing ROI of video marketing.  Apparently making up over 80% of consumer internet traffic, video is now considered the most engaging form of content.  The post provides numerous statistics supporting the effectiveness of video marketing, along with insights and tips on setting up metrics to accurately measure your video content’s ROI, improving your conversation and return rate, and how to leverage UGC (user generated content).

Marketing Collateral Management for Financial Advisors—Part 1

Marketing campaign solutions provider Pica9 demonstrate, by way of a case study from 2008, how the use of modular content-blocks within their CMS assisted in the development of a Financial Advisors résumé workflow for over 2500 advisors, and provides a potential blueprint for a marketing content management framework.  The article explains how a combination of on-demand content with ad-hoc compliance review workflows proved to be a runaway success with those requiring a flexible approach to customisable résumés that also needed to be compliant with brand guidelines.

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