DAM News Round-Up – 2nd October 2023

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, hand-picked by the DAM News editorial team.

Contentserv and Aprimo announce strategic technology partnership

A partnership between DAM vendor Aprimo and PIM cloud software provider Contentserv has recently been announced.  The integration of the two platforms will enable businesses to streamline their workflows across the entire digital asset and marketing lifecycle and “achieve remarkable improvements in conversion rates, accelerate time-to-market, and optimize the efficiency of their sales and marketing operations“.

Diversity in Marketing: How DAM Systems Can Make People Feel Seen

DAM, PIM and sales and marketing professional Jake Athey takes a look at the topic of DAM, metadata and DE&I (diversity, equity and inclusion), and more specifically, how they operate in the beauty industry to assist in providing a more ethical and inclusive marketing strategy.  The $430 billion cosmetics industry is finally catering for a broader range of ethnicities and body types, and the article explores how taking control of your product and digital asset metadata can improve customer engagement, along with insights into the importance of getting cultural and ethnic representation right.

SEMANTiCS Conference 2023: Taxonomies, Knowledge Graphs, and LLMs

Author and taxonomist Heather Hedden reflects on her recent attendance at the 2023 Semantics Conference in Leipzig, Germany, now in its 19th year.  Heather explores the meaning behind semantics, and how semantic systems linked to taxonomies and ontologies helped to shape the Semantic Web.  Her thoughts on the conference highlight the benefits of bringing academia and industry together in the same space to raise awareness of the field, and how the conference has evolved over the years to embrace knowledge graphs, NLP (natural language processing), LLMs (large language models) and other related knowledge-management fields

Is Your Business Ready for a DAM System? Here Are 5 Signs!

Digital Asset Management and PIM solutions provider Kontainer present five tell-tale signs that your business might be in need of a DAM system.  However, as is the case with most ChatGPT-based articles, the information provided is somewhat predictable and generic: poor discoverability of assets, collaboration issues, brand inconsistencies, security concerns, and scalability problems.  For a more substantial and engaging read, you might want to check out their Generative AI Guidebook series.

The Power of AI in a DAM

This recent article from DAM software vendor IntelligenceBank explores how AI can supercharge your DAM system and make light of previously tedious and time-consuming tasks.  Areas covered include automated tagging via software recognition that can detect and label faces, brands, objects and location, using speech-to-text to automatically generate subtitles and captions for audio and video files, and using AI to perform batch processing on your digital assets such as correcting typos, removing inconsistent tags, and cropping images.

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