DAM News Round-Up – 26th June 2023

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

The Price of Being DAM-Less: 6 Surprising Costs You May Be Incurring

Digital Asset Management platform provider Tenovos takes a look at the costs that your business may be incurring due to not having an efficient DAM system in place.  All the usual suspects here: managing disparate content in numerous places, time wasted ensuring that your metadata and taxonomy is manually kept up-to-date (and how AI can help), inefficiencies created by using multiple content creation systems and the disruption it causes in approval workflows, reduced discoverability by not having your DAM and PIM talking to each other, insufficient rights management mechanisms, and how DAM can assist in identifying and taking control of your DEI goals via the use of inclusive metadata.

How To Overcome Multiple Sources Of Truth To Streamline Your Content Workflow

This recent article from DAM vendor Digizuite‘s CMO Charlotte Blicher provides a number of best practice tips for dealing with the problem of siloed content.  Charlotte explains how a well-managed DAM system which centralises your digital assets can help to consolidate your content sources and bring order to the chaos.  Advice includes adopting a metadata and tagging strategy, implementing business-wide governance policies for your content, leveraging integration tools to reduce digital asset supply chain bottlenecks, and performing regular content audits and housekeeping to keep your content fresh and relevant.

What Generative AI Means for Digital Asset Management

As artificial intelligence continues to hog the limelight, its use within DAM is slowly but surely being realised.  This blog post from DAM solution provider Acquia’s (formerly Widen) Jake Athey explains how the decisions concerning the use of AI within DAM will “quietly shape the norms of AI in media and culture“.  It’s a fairly grand statement, but Jake makes a convincing case, citing Coca-Cola’s recent showcase that uses GPT-4 and DALL-E as both a demonstration of their adoption of generative AI content and its cultural intersection with traditional art forms.  The article discusses how the campaign raises interesting questions regarding the nature of art and whether GenAI should be used in marketing at all. Jake also explains how metadata will need to keep up with these trends by adding new AI-specific fields detailing how the content was created, what prompt was used, and whether it’s been fact-checked.

GenAI for DAM: Text effects in Adobe Firefly

Continuing with the theme of GenAI within DAM, this short post from Give a DAM demonstrates the latest text effect capabilities of Adobe’s Firefly  – a suite of generative AI tools and models (which also includes Text to Image, Generative Fill, and Generative Recolor).  The results from the beta are very impressive indeed, and the article provides a good selection of examples, along with the corresponding prompts that were used to achieve them.

Do You Need a Digital Experience Platform?

This concise and engaging article from DAM vendor Aprimo explores the emergence of the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and how this modern stack of cloud-based applications is rapidly becoming the industry-standard toolkit for marketing, content management and distribution.  It also outlines three key considerations when looking for a solution, and provides a useful breakdown of the common components of a DXP, including a headless CMS, a DAM, personalisation, localisation, PIM, analytics, and a content delivery layer.  A worthwhile read for anyone involved with the digital asset supply chain, product information management or omnichannel digital marketing.

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