DAM News Round-Up – 17th June 2024

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

10 Things on the 10th June: Knowledge Graphs, Taxonomy, Ontology, AI and IA

Taxonomy and metadata specialist Tracy Forzaglia (aka Modlibrarian) continues her monthly series highlighting interesting articles.  June’s list includes an infographic explaining the controlled vocabulary landscape from Robin Fay, the first part of a three-part series on AI and Information Architecture (IA) from Stuart Maxwell, a webinar on automation from ICP’s Lisa Grimm and Ian Matzen, and an engaging interview with independent taxonomy consultant Joyce van Aalten.

How to make the case for a new DAM investment

This recent post from DAM solutions provider OrangeLogic walks through the steps for making a case for a new DAM investment, whether it’s due to outgrowing your current solution or to modernise your processes by taking advantage of new technologies and integrations.  Guidance includes preparing a ‘job shadowing guide’ – a document explaining the numerous pain-points such as the time taken to find a logo or search for an employee image, creating a new asset or editing an existing one, approving a selection of assets from a large batch upload, or distributing and sharing across multiple channels.  Once compiled, your guide should be able to demonstrate how much these inefficiencies are costing your organisation.

Navigating New Environmental Directives with DAM: A Comprehensive Guide

Lynda Nygård from DAM software vendor QBank continues their blog series on Digital Product Passports and the latest developments in sustainable and transparent technology supply chains.  This most recent post covers numerous regulatory directives that are either currently in place or are due to come into effect soon.  Additional guidance covers various DAM capabilities and features that can assist in keeping abreast of environmental regulations and ensure compliance.

Complete Guide to Digital Asset Management Workflows

DAM software provider Aprimo present a detailed guide to Digital Asset Management workflows.  A brief description is provided, along with a list of benefits, including streamlined project management, enhanced collaboration, leveraging AI, and safeguarding digital assets via access control and permissions.  The article divides DAM workflows into nine categories, along with examples, covering everything from creation, review and approval through to secure storage, retrieval, distribution, and archiving.  The post also provides a number of different workflow scenarios, team structures, and the associated challenges.

DAM Librarian: Revolutionizing Data Management

French DAM vendor Scaleflex take a look the evolution of the librarian’s role, and how, with their guidance, expertise and contributions, data and information management transitioned from mostly manual retrieval processes to today’s advanced DAM-based operations. This engaging article covers the duties of modern digital asset librarians and DAM managers along with the different types of metadata, schemas and governance they are responsible for.

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