DAM News Round-Up – 15th March 2021

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Headless architecture and APIs, the 2 pillars of DAM integrability

DAM software provider Wedia discuss two core concepts of a Digital Asset Management system, namely a headless architecture, and an API (application programming interface).  The detailed but concise article explains how working in tandem, these two mechanisms allow your DAM to integrate with both upstream and downstream applications, such as PIM and CMS systems, and is essential in ensuring your DAM is maintained as the single source of truth.

Storing Video in Your DAM With the Mezzanine File Format

The mezzanine video file is introduced in this recent blog post from DAM solutions provider Widen.  Although not strictly a format itself, a mezzanine video file is a type of compressed file that is “high-enough” in resolution to be viewed and streamed online.  The article explains its common uses and key benefits, the primary ones being size (around one tenth of the original), and the fact that they are almost indistinguishable from the original high-resolution version.

Why Digital Asset Management Matters in an Increasingly Digital World

For organisations who have not yet implemented any kind of DAM initiative, Norwegian software provider Fotoware introduce the basics in this recent article.  Pitching the benefits of DAM against common cloud platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive, the article continues to explain the potential ROI (return on investment) that a DAM system can provide for your digital assets in areas such as re-use and reducing the risk of incorrect or unlicensed asset usage.

AI and Enterprise Search: Who’s in Control?

Information scientist Martin White investigates the recent surge in AI-powered enterprise search, and how it has yet to yield the results that vendors have been earnestly promising for almost 10 years.  Referring to past academic papers and numerous background articles, Martin continues to explain the idea behind ‘Explainable AI’, and how its proponents are concerned about the potential undermining of business-critical applications by what are essentially black-box, and often flawed, applications.  The article also highlights the steps that vendors are taking in order to be more transparent about AI, and focuses on the emergent push for corporate AI policies.

Announcing OpenText AI and Analytics CE 21.1

Content management solutions provider OpenText announce the release of two new features for their core platform – OpenText AI and Analytics CE 21.1.  Updates include support for private and hybrid cloud deployment, enhancements to their Magellan BI and Reporting features, and improvements to their Magellan Text Mining interface and Data Discovery tools, making it easier to consume, analyse and plot massive datasets.

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