DAM News Round-Up – 15th February 2021

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Introducing headless DAM: at-scale asset management for marketers, publishers and ecommerce

DAM software vendor WoodWing introduce the concept of a headless DAM in this recent blog post. A headless DAM is essentially a synonym for an API-first implementation of a DAM system, whereby end users, whether in marketing, ecommerce or publishing, can access channel-specific digital content and move away from individual silo-based systems.  If you’re new to DAM or API-based workflows, it’s a good place to furnish yourself with a basic understanding of how a headless system works, along with the numerous benefits it offers in terms of flexibility, scalability and access.

BrandMaster partners up with Filestage and expands their integration possibilities

Norwegian Digital Asset Management solutions provider BrandMaster have recently announced a partnership with online proofing platform Filestage – a “best of breed” suite of solutions for content proofing, approval and collaboration.  According to the press release, Filestage “moves the entire workflow to a centralised cloud-based platform”, with post-approval assets being immediately published back to the DAM, eliminating the need for lengthy and often error-prone email communication.

The Ultimate Glossary of Digital Asset Management Terms

If you’re new to Digital Asset Management,  platform provider IntelligenceBank have recently published a glossary of terms to help you understand the technical language you’re likely to encounter.  Although it contains a good number of terms related to DAM, the layout leaves a little to be desired, and with no navigation or search features, the single reference page does not really qualify it as a glossary.  For a dedicated, in-depth glossary with a comprehensive list of relational terms, you could try the one over at damglossary.org, part of the DAM News family of websites.

The 9 things your museum’s Digital Asset Management software needs to include

Open source DAM provider ResourceSpace provide a checklist for DAM initiatives within museum.  Covering the core features and functions you’re likely to need in such a data-rich environment, guidance topics include scalability, budgetary considerations, gauging the level of IT support required, user management, third-party integrations, and customisation. The article represents a solid starting point for those tasked with either selecting a new DAM system or upgrading and optimising their current implementation.

Who Should Create Taxonomies?

Taxonomist and author Heather Hedden investigates the topic of who should create taxonomies in this recent blog post.  The article highlights the fact that although it’s fairly easy to create a taxonomy without much experience, the creation of a good taxonomy requires a significant amount of specialist knowledge.  Heather continues to explain a number of common approaches to taxonomy design, the kind of job roles that incorporate elements of taxonomy management, and where to acquire the necessary knowledge for those wishing to upskill.  She also provides a list of upcoming virtual workshops.

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