DAM News Round-Up – 11th September 2023

DAM News Round-Up

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

Data Security and Privacy 101 in Digital Asset Management  for Healthcare

DAM solutions provider CyanGate take a look at the security and privacy implications within the healthcare industry, and how a DAM system can play a crucial role in ensuring your data and digital assets are kept secure, compliant and confidential.  Topics covered include access control, user permissions, encryption, secure file transfer, auditing, data masking and redaction, consent, reporting, and retention.

Enhance DAM Workflow: Introducing BrandingUI for Everyone

US digital content and media specialists Santa Cruz Software introduce their BrandingUI workflow application in this recent blog post.  This DAM integration tool provides permission-based access to a self-service portal for brand-compliant modification and customisation of marketing campaign assets and sales collateral.  BrandingUI works seamlessly with all common file formats and popular applications including Adobe’s creative suite, Google and Microsoft.

How to Maximize the ROI of Your Content with AI Visual Search

Digital Asset Management software provider PhotoShelter have recently announced the addition of a visual search feature to their platform.  This AI-assisted technology allows you to search your digital assets based on natural language descriptions, and when combined with AI tagging can greatly improve the discoverability – and in turn the value – of your images and photos.  To find out which other DAM vendors support visual search, you can check out our vendor directory and apply the necessary filter (Search > Visual Search).

Good Decisions Are At The Heart Of Great Creative Asset Management

DAM vendor Extensis explore the topic of user adoption and innovation, and how decisions pertaining to new technology can have an immediate – and sometimes costly – impact on numerous aspects of managing your digital assets.  A case in point is the issue of licensing creative assets such as stock imagery and fonts, and the article provides an interesting infographic (PDF) that demonstrates the often complex ‘layered licensing’ that can occur within creative workflows that utilise multiple design elements.

Why is DAM So Important for Ecommerce?

This detailed and insightful post from digital asset and product content management software provider Celum investigates the use of DAM systems within eCommerce environments.  The article covers a broad range of tips and techniques, from getting your assets to market quicker and creating a better product library, to improved omni-channel brand management, metadata mapping, online proofing and setting up collaboration on creative projects.  Although centred around the features and functionality of their own platform, the information can be applied to any modern DAM system.

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