DAM News Round-Up – 11th March 2024

A selection of DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced by the DAM News editorial team.

How a DAM can manage ‘font risk’

This recent post from DAM solution vendor ResourceSpace takes a look at the issue of font risk, and the implications of using unlicensed fonts in your branding, marketing or publications, which can potentially lead to cease-and-desist orders and costly penalties.  The article examines the methods used by font foundries to track down misuse, an example case study, and brand governance measures that can be incorporated into your DAM workflow to mitigate such risks.  Although primarily aimed at their own platform , the advice provided can be applied to any DAM.

How to Prepare Content for AI

Although the use of tools such as ChatGPT and generative AI has now become commonplace, many implementations are failing to reach their full potential due to a fundamental lack of understanding of how such technologies interact with your content.  This insightful and though-provoking article from Enterprise Knowledge presents a number of factors that need to be considered in order to align your content strategy with AI.  Key advice includes auditing, analysing and preparing your content to sanitise it and remove duplicates, and creating structure and standardisation to ensure that AI tools are better equipped to fully understand the meaning and context of your organisation’s knowledge.

Enterprise content strategy: From content chaos to sustainable success

Continuing with the theme of content engineering, Content Strategist Kristina Halvorson takes a closer look at the core components of an enterprise content strategy.  The article describes enterprise content strategy as comprising four mutually supportive frameworks: purpose, process, structure and governance, along with a breakdown of each.  Kristina also explores the issue of responsibility, and how those who rightly regard content as a valuable asset should be appointed as the content strategy champion and advocate for its advancement and adoption across the entire organisation.

Unleashing Magic: Transforming DAM with AI

Digital Asset Management software provider censhare have recently published a white paper examining the advantages and shortcomings of AI integrations within DAM.  The 10-page report provides a basic introduction to AI tools, and how they can be used to streamline content-related tasks such as metadata generation, asset classification, integration with Content Management Systems (CMS), personalisation,  and content ideation.  The paper also highlights a number of challenges to consider when using AI, including a notable lack of established standards as the technology matures, copyright, regulatory and regional issues, and the importance of educating users on the limitations of AI and the use of sensitive, discriminatory or ambiguous training material.  Email registration is required.

The Work of Creation in the Age of AI

This weighty and uninhibited article from Professor Andrew Perfors at the University of Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences unpicks the importance of meaning and authenticity behind the creative process, and how the widespread adoption of AI-assisted tools (“the junk food of meaning-making”) is eroding the nature of creativity in the same way that social media mimics and dilutes the essence of human connection.  Andrew explains how eliminating humans from the point of creative conception is stripping the process of any true meaning and ultimately alienating users from their own efforts.  A strong take on the darker side of generative AI and our relationship with the deeper meaning behind creativity.

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