DAM News Round-Up – 10th August 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.

Where are all the remote Digital Asset Management jobs?

Consultant, podcaster and author of Another DAM Blog, Henrik de Gyor dissects the topic of remote working and how he’s been a proponent for it for the last two decades.  With COVID-19 bringing the issue to the fore, Henrik’s article highlights a number of issues such as the importance of timezones, how work should be considered an activity as opposed to a location, and how face-to-face and verbal communications can continue, and perhaps carry even greater significance since lockdown.  With some insightful observations, and a link to an interesting video about distributed work from WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, the article should provide a useful starting point for anyone considering the transition from on-site to remote working.

Turn Your Amazon S3 into Digital Asset Management Solution with Pics.io

DAM solutions provider Pics.io discuss the integration of Amazon S3 storage with their Digital Asset Management platform.  Covering cost-effectiveness, reliability, scalability and security, the article also provides a basic overview of how the integration works, along with simple instructions on how to connect your DAM to an Amazon storage bucket. Pics.io join a growing number of DAM providers whose platforms support Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) integration, including Widen, Asset Bank, Fotoware, MediaSilo and NetX.

Making Your Metadata Discoverable

Chief Product Officer of DAM software vendor Tandem Vault, Peter Krogh, explores a number of techniques and strategies to leverage the value of your metadata and improve asset discovery.  Covering directory trees, virtual folders, short lists, hierarchical lists, tag clouds, and the lowly but flexible search box, the methods outlined can be applied to any DAM or enterprise content search.

Digital Asset Management vs Dropbox

DAM software provider FotoWare‘s marketing manager Radmila Milenkovich explores the benefits and differences between DAM systems and Dropbox.  Listing the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, the article should provide a useful checklist for those wishing to compare and gauge which technology is most appropriate for their needs. Of course, there are now a number of DAM systems which can integrate directly with Dropbox, so you can potentially have the best of both worlds.

Why AI Is Gaining Enterprise Traction Despite Its Lack Of Maturity

Artificial Intelligence has claimed a lot of column inches in the last few years.  In the DAM industry, AI-powered tagging, metadata creation and image recognition have been heavily promoted as the silver bullet that promises to drastically reduce manual input work.  Journalist and content management expert David Roe explores the evolution of AI-powered workflows across the enterprise, and how the current pandemic has accelerated adoption, despite its apparent immaturity.  With some startling statistics and interesting case studies, David explores the two main types of AI adoption, intentional and inherent, and how attempts to flatten the traditionally steep learning curve of big data analysis is pushing the envelope.

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