Webinar: Enterprise Content Buying, Tue 28th January 2020, 10am ET

On Tuesday 28th January, Smint.io are hosting a webinar on Enterprise Content Buying (ECB) which will include presentation from myself, Reinhard Holzner of Smint.io as well as a representative from WoodWing:

Join us for this educational webinar featuring Ralph Windsor, WoodWing and Smint.io. We will examine one of the few innovations in Digital Asset Management (DAM) to emerge in recent years: The Enterprise Content Buying (ECB) concept. Three presentations delivered by a panel of experts will explain the theory and practice behind ECB – What is it? How does it work? And how is it applied to the content supply chain in practice?” [Read More]

We discussed the ECB concept recently on DAM News.  I think this is a great idea and one of the few innovations in DAM right now, which is one of the main reasons I have agreed to participate.  The webinar is logically structured with some theory about what ECB is all about, how it has been implemented with Smint.io’s platform and a practical demo of an ECB in-action with an actual DAM solution (WoodWing, in this case – although I gather Smint.io will work with a number of other DAMs too).  If you deal with a lot of third party digital assets from stock media libraries or other content providers, this is well worth checking out.

As well as end-users, DAM vendors would be well advised to look into ECB platforms.  I have seen a one or two firms develop their own custom connectors to plug their DAMs into stock libraries and I believe this is creating a rod for their own backs when there is a ready-made component that someone else will assume responsibility for.  As far back as 2013 we have been describing how vendors essentially waste valuable time and money when they could be innovating by re-creating functionality that already exists.  This is a great example of why integration and Digital Asset Supply Chains make a huge amount of commercial sense for vendors and that is without mentioning the benefits for their end users of them being more focused on their core applications and APIs, in particular.

The event will be recorded for anyone who can’t tune in at the broadcast time of 10am ET.  The Smint.io blog post has more details and a registration page: https://www.smint.io/en/news/webinar-ecb-ralph-windsor-woodwing-smint-io-2019-01/

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