Using Open Source Solutions For Preservation: 12th May 2011, Manhattan, New York

DAM events specialist, Createasphere, host an even on “Going Public With Open Source” where Barbara Taranto, Strategic Projects Manager of the New York Public Library explains the challenges faced by the New York Public Library (NYPL) when they used open source technologies to establish their digital collection:

NYPL is one of the leading knowledge institutions in the world, with collections of over 65 million items. In its Digital Gallery alone, there are over 700,000 images. Barbara Taranto was responsible for the development and implementation of NYPL’s Preservation and Access Digital Repository, the Digital Rights Management System, the GeoSpatial Open Layers services, and the A/V Technical data repository. She holds degrees in Philosophy, Computer Science, and Digital Information Science.” [Read More]

The event is being held at 6pm (ET), 12th May 2011 in the Time Warner Center in Manhattan, New York (USA).

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