The Reel Thing 2015 Technical Symposium, August 20-22 2015, Los Angeles

The Reel Thing technical symposium sponsored by AMIA (Association of Moving Image Archivists) is running from August 20th to 22nd in Los Angeles later this month.  The event deals with current thinking and practical examples of developments in the fields of preservation, restoration and media conservation.  If moving image archival and preservation is an area you deal with (or you are a service provider supplying this sector) it looks like it should be worth attending:

The 35th edition of The Reel Thing technical symposium returns to Los Angeles on August 20-22, with two full days of top-tier sessions that include discussions about preservation of media assets and in-depth, visually documented case studies of recent restoration projects. Three premiere screenings of recent 4K restorations will also be presented, including John Huston’s FAT CITY, Otto Preminger’s WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS, and Nicholas Ray’s JOHNNY GUITAR. The Reel Thing is an established venue for networking, information exchange and exploration of the latest technologies and methods for audio-visual restoration and preservation. The event takes place at the Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood. ” [Read More]


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