The Future Of DAM For Publishing, Broadcast, Media & Entertainment, Webinar, Wednesday 19th September 2012, 9am PT

Henry Stewart’s Continuing Professional Development Room division are running a webinar: “DAM and its Future for Broadcast, Publishing, Media and Entertainment” on Wednesday 19th September at 9am PT/12pm ET/5pm UK.  The webinar is sponsored by DAM vendor, Harris, but attendees are promised that it is: ‘not a sales pitch’.  There are other end user speakers from HBO, A&E Television Networks and Harper Collins which do suggest this might be a more balanced affair:

Learn how leading companies accommodate new devices, new opportunities and an incessant growth in the number of assets they need to manage. Expectations for ease of use, and more and more work flows are common challenges for DAM Managers in all businesses and DAM is vital for creating the context for this content. And if there was a Moores Law to predict how digital assets will grow in number, this panel would prove that it under estimated! Hear how these industry leaders oversee literally the management of thousands of hours / pages of content every month; how they are thinking about such issues as transcoding in the cloud, distribution anywhere, universal assets, thin apps versus thick apps, metadata, metadata, metadata, Search-as-a-Service, social networking and more.” [Read More]

On this occasion, I will refrain from expounding on why I think Moore’s Law is nonsense, however, the webinar sounds like it might be of potential interest from a DAM perspective, especially if you are working in the media, broadcasting or publishing sectors or have clients that do.  The reg form is here:

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