Storing & Organising Your Digital Photographs: 23rd-24th June, Photographic Center North West, Seattle, USA

Photographic Center NW (PCNW) is hosting a workshop on ‘Storing & Organising Your Digital Photographs’ to run on 23rd – 24th June 2012:

One of the biggest challenges facing a photographer today is the management and storage of their digital assets. For many photographers, they are now asked to play not just the role of artist but also of IT manager, librarian and archivist. This workshop is designed to help the average photographer understand the options and tools available for helping them manage their digital assets. Topic will include local data storage and protection, backup, asset management tools, metadata options and cloud technologies. This workshop is more of a survey and while participates are encouraged to bring their laptops, ipads etc. it is not required.” [Read More]

These are on-site training sessions, rather than webinars (so obviously only suitable if you can physically get to Seattle).  The workshop does cost $175 but the courses are delivered by professional trainers and are somewhat more in-depth than the typical freebies you can expect from vendors and hardware manufacturers.  PCNW runs a number of other training programmes that are more extensive (including certificated courses delivered over a much longer period).

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