Photo Metadata Conference, 17 May 2012, London (UK)

The Photo Metadata Conference is being held in conjunction with the CEPIC conference in East London (UK) on 17th May 2012.  The event costs 120 UK Pounds and will cover both applying metadata to help photos get found in searches and a rights presentation on preventing images from becoming ‘orphaned works’ (i.e. where the copyright owner cannot be identified) through various technological methods.  This is taken from the search session:

  • Controlled Vocabularies: how to categorise content
  • How controlled vocabularies can aid both keywording and search, and improve on legacy keywords and captions
  • Linked data: how linking metadata values enhances search and retrieval
  • What linked data is and how it can be useful in the picture library industry
  • How to make your images searchable by Google, Bing and Yahoo

A full venue programme is available here:

The speakers at the event include various well known photo industry figures who we have featured at one time or another on DAM News, including: Fran Alexander (BBC Taxonomy Manager), Mary Forster (Getty Images Director of Search Strategy) and Sarah Saunders (CEPIC).

The programme is aimed at all who want to improve  image retrieval and protect their rights, including free-lance photographers, small and large picture agencies and libraries, and trade associations in the visual image business.” [Read More]

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