Metadata Monday Seminar, March 31st 2014, 6-9pm, NYC

Consultants, Optimity Advisors, who have both David Lipsey and John Horodyski on their staff are hosting a metadata seminar in New York City on March 31st 2014 between 6pm and 9pm.  The session will cover various metadata related topics:

  • Metadata Exercise
  • Metadata Concepts and Terminology
  • Metadata Benefits
  • Metadata & Search
  • Metadata Model Design Process – Step By Step
  • Governance and Stewardship
  • Metadata Best Practice

It will be lead by John Horodyski and at 3 hours, deals with the subject in sufficient detail without being excessive:

The content is tailored in particular to DAM and CMS systems for users and administrators who want to be empowered with the knowledge of how metadata can be the “lifeblood” of DAM/CMS and facilitate digital asset discovery, use, and reuse in DAM/CMS. This workshop will help you better communicate your requirements and needs, whether you already have a DAM or CMS system or are looking to select one.” [Read More]

The training is a paid-for event ($300 per-attendee or $250 each for 2+ groups) but is delivered by vendor-neutral consultants and John has a considerable reputation as an expert in DAM education as well as metadata, specifically.  If there is one aspect of DAM to make sure you get right above all others – it is metadata.  So if you are about to embark on a major metadata oriented project such as a Digital Asset Management initiative and can get to New York on the day of the event, then it should be worthwhile attending.

The registration link is here:  

There is a PDF with more info here:

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