Media Pro 2010, Olympia, London (UK), 2-3 November

The Media Pro 2010 Expo is running this year from the 2nd-3rd of November.  The show is primarily concerned with integrated communications across multiple delivery platforms and is made up of several component events covering: Digital Media, Social Media, Print Media and Publishing:

Digital mediaPro focuses on web, mobile, video and email , Social mediaPro, explores how brands understand, harness, monitor and engage with the dynamic phenomenon of social media, Print mediaPro looks at the way in which brands come to life in this very creative and visual medium whilst becoming increasingly integrated into digital and mobile channels, Publishing mediaPro will show publishers and advertisers how magazine and newspaper brands can increasingly integrate content across print, digital and social media channels to increase reader engagement The overall event will provide marketers and media professional with the ideal environment to develop strategies and learn new tactics for the future.” [Read More]

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