Lucene Eurocon 2011: October 19-20, Barcelona, Spain

A conference dedicated to the popular open source Lucene/Solr text search library (which is widely used by both open source and commercial DAM systems) is being held in Barcelona on 19-20th October.  The event costs money to attend but if your business or organisation depends on Lucene or Solr either directly or as a component of a DAM/ECM solution then it could be worth checking out.  The highlights include:

  • Keynotes about “big data” searching
  • Large scale Lucene indexing
  • Search Analytics: Business Value & BigData NoSQL Backend
  • Natural Language Search in Solr
  • Text Analytics in Enterprise Search
  • Randomized Continuous Testing: Solr & Lucene Use Case
  • Solr on EC2

Hosts of the event, Lucid Imagination are also running training sessions from 17th – 18th October (note these cost extra).

Choose from 40 in-depth technical sessions  across the breadth and depth of search development, scalability, performance tuning, relevancy, big data, roadmaps, user experience and more. Hear directly from the experts with the hands-on experience building the biggest, fastest, most innovative search applications out there.” [Read More]

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