Jennifer Neumann Webcast, 5th November 2013, 10am PT, 6pm UK, 7pm Europe

Jennifer Neumann, original founder of Canto is giving a presentation in a webinar/webcast sponsored by Picturepark.  The event looks interesting as Jennifer has experience in DAM going back to 1990.  She is going to discuss topics such as:

  • The early growth of DAM
  • Differences with her own management
  • Mistakes made by the DAM industry and what it can do to rectify them
  • SharePoint and DAM
  • What happens next with SharePoint and DAM

One point I noticed was how Jennifer disliked the term “Digital Asset Management” and how she preferred “Image Database”:

We called it an image database, which was easy to understand and explain because it made sense.  If the industry had standardized on that term instead of introducing a new term, and then so many other new terms since, it would be much further along now than it is.” [Read More]

There is some disagreement among DAM News contributors about whether “Digital Asset Management” is a good description or not.  My co-contributors seem to be big fans of it, but their work involves talking to senior managers and the whole business side far more than myself.  As someone from a more technical background who usually prefers to write code and design databases, I’m with Jennifer on this one.  I think “Image Database” is a much better description!  I understand that it might be necessary to change the name depending on the type of asset, but in reality, DAM systems (even modern ones) are really still just media databases!

The timing of the webinar on 5th November is Guy Fawkes night in the UK (which hopefully is not prophetic for any current Canto people who might tune in) and family commitments will prevent me from watching it live, but I will check out the recording when it gets posted.

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