Henry Stewart DAM LA Conference, November 1-2 2012

Henry Stewart’s DAM LA conference ‘early bird’ offer expires tomorrow (14th September 2012) so if you plan to attend and want the $200 discount, this is your last call to get it:

From the ‘User’s Perspective’ we’ll look at what are the DAM fundamentals in 2012/13. Brand and content strategies continue to mature and we’ll be hearing about innovative practices in both. As an important part of these conference proceedings we’ll examine the impact of new distribution devices – with presentations on continuing innovations in DAM as a consquence of using tablet-based workflows. The intersection of DAM with other key business areas such as social media, loyalty programs and rights management will be the subject of case studies and panels, always with a practical focus directed towards putting DAM to work successfully.” [Read More]

The registration sign-up link is here: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ereg/index.php?eventid=31450

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