Henry Stewart Conference Schedules For 2014

DAM conference organisers, Henry Stewart have announced their conference schedule for 2014.  The dates are:

There is some comment from DAM industry guru, David Lipsey on their homepage:

We stand at a ‘breakout moment’. We know it is clear that few parts of the business world will be unaffected by the power DAM delivers.The work flows we solve, the business opportunities we create, the technology we empower and enhance are pervasive. ‘Content’ and ‘Delivery Channels’ rule the roost. Video, rich media customer services, dynamic linked metadata, the ability to record just about everything and the growth of ‘social media’ all demand more and better DAM systems. Our vendors produce them, our users adopt them and our consultants ensure that the right decisions are made at the right moments. That’s community!” [ Read More]

I would tend to agree with David over most of that.  Taking a more critical and less wholly positive perspective (as is our editorial policy on DAM News), another interpretation might be that the DAM industry is getting itself into a rut.  The rate of real innovation in DAM is slowing as attention turns from new functionality towards just getting it all to actually work properly and integrate with other enterprise applications.  As seasoned software people will be painfully aware, the final 10% certainly often feels like it takes 90% of the time and there are a lot of people at the sharp end of DAM who have the metaphorical guts of their respective DAM beasts spread out across the table right now, while they figure out exactly how to move forward with the self-inflicted bloated products they now find themselves with.  As a result, there is another sub-plot playing out between two opposing forces: best of breed and suites (consolidated platforms which include DAM) as they both try and fight it out with each other for the hears, minds and budgets of end users.  But more about that subject in another article.

My understanding is that there are questions about whether the Createasphere DAM events will take place this year due to some business changes within their organisation.  If so, this means there are no other physical in-person conferences now that deal exclusively with Digital Asset Management.  As such, if your budget will stretch to it (or you can persuade your boss to fund it anyway) then the Henry Stewart events look to be the only games in town for 2014.  If anyone has details of other in-person conferences that deal exclusively with DAM and are not on-line webinars etc, please let us know.

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