Featured Event – The State of DAM: Pros and Cons of AI – 18th October 2022

This week’s highlighted event is a free to attend webinar entitled ‘The State of DAM: Pros and Cons of AI‘.  In this instalment from My DAM Services, Digital Content Operations Lead Kristin Burns and visual content specialist Paul Melcher join DAM professionals Henrik de Gyor and Frank DeCarlo to investigate the topic of Artificial Intelligence integrations within DAM, discussing how it can be used to benefit users and marketers, and how it might not always be the silver bullet solution that the hype suggests.  A live Q&A session will also be available.  The event takes place on Tuesday 18th October at 12pm Eastern Time.

Artificial intelligence has become a popular buzzword in Digital Asset Management, but where can it specifically benefit both users and marketers?  Join these DAM experts as they discuss where AI-integrated DAM software can improve customer and brand experience.”  [Read More]

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