Featured Event – The Next Wave of DAM: The Age of Generative AI – 26th October 2023

This week’s upcoming event is a free to attend webinar by DAM solutions provider Aprimo, taking place on 26th October.  Entitled ‘The Next Wave of DAM: The Age of Generative AI When Content is Data‘, the session’s hosts Jim Cavedo and PIM specialist Ken Zordani will be exploring the impact of generative AI on DAM, providing tips and insights on preparing for the rapid proliferation of AI technologies within our digital ecosystem, and offering practical guidance on planning your content strategy to leverage AI and the value of data.

During this session, Aprimo & Avyre experts with 20+ years of industry experience will breakdown content complexities with fool-proof AI strategies and convince you why your organization needs to start thinking of content as data before it’s too late.  Whether you’re deeply entrenched in the world of DAM or just starting to explore its possibilities, this session is for you. Reserve your spot now for insights that redefine possibilities at the intersection of DAM and generative AI.”  [Read More]

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