Featured Event – NVIDIA GTC Developer Conference – 20th-23rd March 2023

This week’s featured event is the NVIDIA GTC Conference, taking place from 20th – 23rd March, with the main keynote speech from CEO Jensen Huang happening on the 21st March at 4pm CET (8am PDT).  Hailed as the number one AI developer conference, this free to attend event will feature a diverse range of workshop and training sessions, experts speakers, researchers and engineers, exhibits and discussion panels covering the trends, topics and technologies of next-generation Artificial Intelligence.

GTC offers more than 650 special events, sessions, and expert panels across technologies, industries, and skill levels.  Discover how generative AI (GA) helps businesses develop better products and services and deliver original content tailored to the unique needs of customers and audiences. Hear from top tool developers and artists who are pushing the boundaries of AI to address evolving workflows. Get inspired by a panel of true innovators developing AI solutions that change the world in healthcare, climate, generative AI, social impact, and more.”  [Read More]

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