Featured Event – Martechopia, London – 13th March 2024

This week’s featured upcoming event is the snappily-named Martechopia – a conference dedicated to showcasing the latest trends, technologies and techniques in the digital marketing world.  Taking place in London on Wednesday 13th March, this all-day event will be playing host to a diverse range of speakers, exhibitors, sessions, workshops and networking opportunities, with an opportunity to attend an exclusive AI training course prior to the main event.  Tickets cost from £699 with discounts available for multiple bookings.

The evolution of artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the B2B marketing landscape. But how can you distinguish between tech that’s over-hyped, and tech that will actually be key to leveraging powerful data insights, enabling effective collaboration, exploiting the latest digital routes to market, and ultimately driving growth?  With practical insights from martech experts across three content themes, you’ll learn how to use the rapid advancement of tech and AI to your advantage by exploring how to identify which technologies are right for your business, and how to align your people and processes to extract their maximum value.”  [Read More]

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