Featured Event – International Conference on Business Metadata and Knowledge Management – 21st-22nd February 2023

This week’s highlighted event is the International Conference on Business Metadata and Knowledge Management.   Taking place on 21st and 22nd February, this online virtual event will feature a broad and varied selection of leading voices presenting their research, findings and insights on business metadata management, governance and stewardship, enterprise data modelling, and knowledge management in the fields of Industrial and Systems Engineering from across the globe.  The program will include time allocated for networking and peer-to-peer discussions.

Today more than ever before it is extremely important to stay abreast of the changing landscapes of the Industrial and Systems Engineering world. The multidisciplinary focus of this event aims to bring together presenters and attendees from different fields with expertise in various areas of Industrial and Systems Engineering, providing an excellent opportunity to participate in the international exchange of ideas, current strategies, concepts and best practices, collaborations, and cooperation, offering a broader perspective and more enriching experience.”  [Read More]

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