Featured Event – Give the Users What they Want (and Need) with Role-Driven DAM – 26th January 2023

This week’s highlighted event is a webinar entitled ‘Give The Users What They Want (and Need) With Role-Driven DAM‘.  Hosted by licensing and rights management solution provider FADEL’s Gregg Guest, this free to attend event investigates how different users interact with Digital Asset Management systems and which DAM features can improve your workflows and increase productivity.  Topic covered include metadata, standardisation, search tools and techniques, rights management, content tracking, and monitoring of brand assets.  The webinar takes place on Thursday 26th January at 12pm EST.

In this webinar, we will discuss roles including Content Creators, Content Consumers, Marketing Operations and Contracts, Marketing Compliance / Compliance Officers, Creatives and Agency Relations and look at how each role interacts with digital assets. From enriching asset metadata to discovering and sharing content, from capturing asset rights and restrictions to tracking content usage, we will look at what it takes to put together a collaborative digital asset environment that lets everybody do their job while facilitating the entire workflow.”  [Read More]

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