Featured Event – Generative AI: Turbo-charging Creativity – 27th April 2023

This week’s highlighted event is taking place at the Swiss Embassy in London on 27th April.  Entitled ‘Generative AI: Turbo-charging Creativity‘, this in-person panel discussion will be exploring the latest developments in the emerging field of generative artificial intelligence and tackling a number of challenging questions surrounding its rapid adoption and meteoric rise in popularity.  Discussion topics will include the extent to which GenAI could disrupt existing sectors, potential new business models, how to harness its capabilities, how it might impact jobs and education, the ethical and legal implications, and what is being done to ensure its regulation and responsible use.  Speakers include representatives from Stability AI, Flawless AI, and the University of Manchester.  Admission costs £60, with an opportunity to network at a drinks reception after the main session.

Join us as we delve into the mind-bending capabilities of Generative AI and hear from industry experts as they share their insights on its current and future applications. From filmmaking and architecture to music and art, Generative AI is transforming the creative industries and providing us with unlimited possibilities.”  [Read More]

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