Featured Event – Generative AI for the Creative Industries Summit, London – 12th September 2023

This week’s featured event is the Generative AI for the Creative Industries Summit.  Taking place in London on 12th – 13th September, this in-person event claims to be the first ever industry-led conference for creatives and AI start-ups.  Featuring over 80 speakers from high-profile businesses such as Adidas, Adobe, McDonald’s and the BBC, the conference will offer keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, panel discussions and networking opportunities, all focused on the topics, trends and technologies surrounding generative AI within the creative industries.

Attending this conference allows participants to place themselves at the vanguard of generative AI application in the creative industry. They will engage in crucial discussions and cultivate beneficial collaborations that can shape the future of creativity. This event acts as an impetus for the industry to adopt new methodologies, support the integration of AI-powered solutions, and explore the immense potential of generative AI in revolutionizing the creative realm.”  [Read More]

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