Featured Event: GambiConf, Portugal, 3rd & 10th September 2022

This week’s highlighted event is the upcoming GambiConf – a leftfield technology conference taking place in-person, on September 3rd in Lisbon, Portugal, and followed up by an online event on 10th September.  Featuring a broad and bizarre range of whacky projects, speakers and sessions, this free-to-attend bonanza of tech tomfoolery promises to blow your mind!  Topics include resurrecting old routers for fun, writing a GameBoy compiler in Forth, and reverse-engineering the GEOS satellite protocol.

This is a multilingual, not limited to a specific technology, conference. We try to focus more on the purpose of the presented projects, the unique nature of the sessions, and what one can learn from a random, very unusual, idea. We want to encourage people to try new ideas and discover new things, for the simple sake of curiosity and exploration.”  [Read More]

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