Featured Event – Future Innovation World Congress – Amsterdam – Friday September 30th, 2022

This week’s featured event is Future Innovation World Congress, taking place in Amsterdam on Friday September 30th.  Covering topics such as The Future of Work; Metaverse and Blockchain; Data, AI, Privacy and Responsibility, Automation and Business Transformation, the conference will also include demonstrations of emerging products.  There are a range of speakers from some larger brands such as Microsoft, Mastercard, IKEA and Phillips:

Future Innovation World Congress is about showcasing and celebrating technology that is transforming the way we work, conduct business, communicate and the roles we play in helping our organizations persevere and thrive during these challenging times. This global conference is designed to bring to the forefront, capabilities, endeavours and emerging technologies to help impact the business foundations of your digital future by providing you with a wealth of information, application, connection, education and inspiration.” [Read More]

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