Featured Event – First Party Data: Managing and Monetizing the “Data Exhaust” from your Martech Stack – 26th January 2022

This week’s highlighted event is hosted by Seth Earley.  Taking place on Wednesday 26th January, ‘First Party Data – Managing and Monetizing the “Data Exhaust” from your Martech Stack‘ is a free to attend webinar exploring the most effective and responsible methods of managing and utilising customer information in light of recent privacy regulations surrounding tracking cookies and the collection, retention, and management of third-party data.

In this webinar Seth Earley will talk with industry experts about how you need to model, collect, normalize, organize, manage, analyze, and act on customer information.  The time to do so is now and we’ll discuss practical ways to move the needle on customer data, customer analytics and orchestration of the customer experience.”  [Read More]

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