Featured Event – Ethical Matters: Art and Artificial Intelligence – 12th April 2023

This week’s featured event is a discussion at London’s Conway Hall entitled ‘Ethical Matters: Art and Artificial Intelligence‘, taking place on Wednesday 12th April.  Featuring renowned author and Emeritus Professor History and Philosophy of Science at University College London, Arthur I. Miller, the conversation will focus on the ethical implications of recent advances in Artificial Intelligence in the creative sector.  Applications such as DALL-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion have raised numerous concerns amongst artists and creatives who claim that this new technology is infringing their rights.  Virtual and in-person attendance is free for members, and starts at £5 for general public admission.

In June 2022, Cosmopolitan revealed its cover for its AI issue. The image was generated by an artificial intelligence app and ‘Only took twenty seconds.’ The excitement about the possibilities of AI creativity became balanced with the ethical and creative concerns about how these images are generated and what it means for the future of art – human or otherwise.  How do artists make a living in a world where art can be produced just by typing in a few words? Could art stagnate with machine produced simulacra silting up the flow of human art and creativity? Or are we missing the potential of machine art to enhance the art world?”  [Read More]

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