Featured Event – DAM Data 101 – 22nd March 2022

This week’s highlighted event takes a look at the fundamental role of data within Digital Asset Management.  In DAM Data 101, presented by Anthony Gallo, CPO at DAM provider Tenovos, and Salt Flats Managing Director John Horodyski, attendees will learn how to leverage their data to provide maximum ROI on their investment, along with a series of practical tips on how to identify and utilise this data to improve productivity, governance, and content performance.  The webinar takes place on Tuesday March 22nd and registration is free of charge.

Data should be a foundational element of your digital asset management strategy – but if it isn’t, you’re not alone. Many organizations struggle with their data, don’t know what to look for in their analytics, or can’t find the insights they need to make good decisions about their assets.  The right data insights pave the way for productivity improvements, governance reporting, stronger content performance and more. With practical tips and tools, we’re not only going to change the way you think about data, but how you use it to drive success.”  [Read More]

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