Featured Event – Conversational AI & Customer Experience Summit

This week’s highlighted event is the Conversational AI & Customer Experience Summit.  Spanning two full days from Thursday 17th to Friday 18th November, this unique in-person networking event will be taking place in Munich and features a wide range of speakers, industry experts, chatbots, academics and vendors exploring the latest trends, technologies and tips in voice tech, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Conversational AI.  Registration costs from €999 per person.

From inside jokes to cultural references and wordplay, every statement of human conversation is highly complex as it is built on shared context and previous interactions. Humans speak in highly nuanced ways without skipping a beat. Each response follows the last, almost instantly. For a quality conversation between a human and a machine, responses have to be quick, intelligent and natural-sounding. True Conversational AI goes above and beyond rule-based answering engines to understand the context, analyze the text and speech, the intent behind the questions and also consider the user’s preferences.”  [Read More]

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