Featured Event – ChatGPT Masterclass, Baltimore – 26th-27th August 2023

This week’s highlighted event is a ChatGPT Masterclass.  Taking place in Baltimore on 26th and 27th August, this intensive two-day workshop promises to equip start-ups, entrepreneurs and marketers with the technologies and tips required to take full advantage of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence platform ChatGPT.  Discover how to set yourself up with minimal expense, along with learning which tools are best suited to your marketing campaign strategy.  Tickets costs from $47 for general admission.

Join us for an Exclusive 2-Day Masterclass in Baltimore, Maryland, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to be among the first to discover the world’s most groundbreaking technology. Learn from renowned speakers Charles Blair and Tammie Blair and stay ahead of the curve.  Prepare to be blown away by this indispensable event. Connect and collaborate with fellow forward-thinking entrepreneurs, while unraveling the immense potential of Artificial Intelligence. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure you don’t get left behind in the rapidly evolving business landscape.”  [Read More]

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