Featured Event – 2024 Generative AI Expo, Florida – 13th-15th February 2024

This week’s upcoming event is the 2024 Generative AI Expo, taking place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, across three days from 13th – 15th February.  This in-person and online event promises over 50 speakers, 500 attendees, 10 located events and a broad range of topics, breakout sessions and discussions covering the latest trends, tips and technologies in generative AI.  Themes include training AI models, ethical, legal and  societal impacts, natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLM), Web3, and how to build effective AI implementation strategies.  Tickets start at $149 for access to keynotes and general sessions.  The event is collocated with additional exhibitions, including Enterprise Metaverse, Industrial IoT, and the 5G Expo.

Generative AI Expo is not just a ”future-looking” event presenting pie-in-the-sky visions of generative AI possibilities.  Instead, the conference will showcase how generative AI applications are helping businesses improve operations, enhance customer experience, and create new opportunities for growth NOW.  We have invited actual generative AI enterprise end users, AI solutions providers, academics and researchers, and government organizations that focus on application of Generative AI to present sessions. The content will be a mix of real-world case studies, market research, technical deep dives, and even a few predictions.”  [Read More]

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