DAM News Round-Up – 12th October 2020

A collection of recent DAM-related articles from around the web, sourced from DAM Federation member, Planet DAM.


Find the balance between metadata structure and flexibility

Sara James, marketing technology consultant with ICP writes about designing taxonomies for DAMs and CMS on the ICP blog.  She makes a comparison with the way she organises her pantry and how she stores items primarily for ease of access.  The metaphor is an effective one and as she points out, while her pantry could be improved upon, it serves its purpose well enough:

There is no ‘one right way’ to design a taxonomy. Like all tools, it has to serve a purpose, and serve the people who use it, rather than the people being a slave to it. Organization is all about the ability to find something when you need it, so however you build it, it needs to make sense to the users.” [Read More]

The ROI of DAM

Betty Seifu discusses the ROI of DAM on the Aprimo blog, noting that a DAM should be at the heart of a successful content operations ecosystem.  She offers a number of reasons why this is the case, including avoiding the need to recreate existing content, improving speed to market, increasing brand consistency and the need for a single, consolidated resource accessible to all global teams.

An enterprise-class DAM solution with version control, localization capabilities, and digital rights management, provides a single global repository for all your organization’s digital assets so that you can ensure you’re providing consistent brand experiences to every customer in every channel.” [Read More]

How DAM fuels the digital marketing conversation

Writing for Digizuite, Ashely Simpson, provides a short history of digital marketing (from 2005 onwards) and uses this to illustrate how DAM platforms have become integral to digital marketing.  In particular, she notes the wide range of channels (or ‘avenues’) that now exist and how this can make it difficult to communicate effectively with customers.

Assets and their lifecycles have gotten so complex that, over the last five to ten years, digital asset management has become a distinct, important element of digital marketing. And, digital asset management (DAM) technology platforms have emerged as an important foundation of the marketing technology (martech) stack. ” [Read More]

How Using DAM Platforms Makes a Difference for B2B Teams

The Pics.io blog has an article which discusses why DAM is useful for B2B marketing teams, it covers a range of different use-cases and the particular team-members who may benefit from DAM:

Digital asset management is a difference-maker in B2B – it improves teamwork, increases the efficiency of prospect communication, and reduces operating costs. By keeping all files on a centralized and accessible storage, business managers help everyone on the team save productive time and focus on work assignments, not on struggling to find a needed file in time.” [Read More]

It’s Time To Clean House: How To Organize Your Brand Assets

Writing on the Extensis blog, Andrew Rhodes,  describes some attributes of effectively organised marketing teams  and how key functionality of DAM solutions can be used to enhance their productivity.  He also offers some advice on how to develop a more consistent and streamlined approach to this process, the key tip being to do it incrementally and set up some simple and straightforward practices like setting up folders in advance for upcoming campaigns.

Like any new project, you can accomplish much more – and more quickly – if you work together. Digital asset management systems and font management tools can help, but any new technology will require buy-in and collaboration to be successful.” [Read More]


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