DAM Event Updates – 8th September 2021

There a number of DAM and marketing technology related events taking place in the coming weeks.

On Tuesday 28th September, brand management software provider Frontify are hosting The 5 Key Benefits of Centralizing Your Multi-Brand Universe.  This free to attend webinar will be focusing on the challenges of brand management in a global omnichannel landscape, along with presenting the numerous benefits of a centralized management platform.

Managing multiple brands is tricky, especially if your organization has a global footprint and multiple stakeholders with different user cases. In this webinar, you’ll learn the 5 benefits of centralizing your multi-brand universe and get insights from San Francisco-based creative brand consultancy Butchershop.”  [Read More]

Moving Beyond Traditional Enterprise Search, taking place on Wednesday 29th September, is a free webinar exploring the past, present and future of enterprise search.  Hosted by search tools provider Searchblox, the event will be taking a look at new models of search, including the advantages of artificial intelligence and how it can be leveraged at every stage of the search process.

Traditional enterprise search is built on the idea that people know exactly what they’re looking for. To some extent that’s true; keywords and indexing have been foundational to search for decades. However, as search technology has matured, so have expectations about what search should accomplish for knowledge workers and consumers. Today, most of us are looking for information, not just pre-determined answers.”  [Read More]

Photography software vendor PhotoShelter will be presenting their 2021 Vision: The Innovation Summit on September 30th.  With a diverse range of speakers and brands from across the creative, marketing, and communications industries, this free all-day virtual event represents a great opportunity to network with peers and learn about new skills and technologies from content, photography, and social media specialists.

Learn from innovative brands, schools, and organizations. Simplify and streamline your creative workflow. Uncover tips and hacks to make innovation core to your storytelling strategy. Develop new connections, ideas, and insights! ”  [Read More]

Events can be posted by anyone with a free DAM News Subscription account.  See the DAM News Events Calendar for more information.

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